Archeological and Archeobotanical Workshop Arkadiusz Wiktor (short name ARCHBOT) is newly created research unit, which engages in interdisciplinary activities such as preservation of relics, archeological and archeobotanical studies and in aerial photography. We started our professional activity in 2009 but our research crew consists of people with broad working experience, gained during field work - both in Poland and abroad. We carry out archeological supervisions, archeological field surveys (surface survey or sampling) and archeological excavation works including: systematic stationary excavations, archeological rescue projects and intervention excavations. Our field of activity includes historic urban settlements and rural sites. We also offer handling of data from such research, in form of expert analysis of artefactual material and macrobotanical remains gained from excavation. We conduct archeological works commissioned by individuals, business entities, government institutions and local authorities on archeological sites endangered by construction and earth works. Such danger can occur during construction of houses, housing estates, roads and various linear investments, such as gas lines, pipelines, sewerage, melioration or telecommunication networks. This risk also arise during exploitation of sand and gravel or forest planting Moreover we can conduct archeological works on sites which are destructed through agricultural activity or erosion.
We settle all formalities connected with archeological research – starting from getting the permit for work, through making a source query, geodetic measurements, field works, archeological research, to formal and legal handing over the excavated site to the investor. We guarantee fast and competent research work and strict adherence to appointed time in construction schedule.
If You are an investor and You plan some kind of construction work, which collides with archeological relict or there is a possibility of finding one on Your site, than our offer is also for You.


Archeological research doesn’t have to be only unpleasant duty, which has to be fulfilled to start a planned investment. Protection of cultural heritage could also be an excellent publicity of Your business activity! If You wish so, we will make every effort to include logo, name and short characteristics of Your company in each archeological report, compilation, publication or press note and every multimedia presentation or exhibition, (which concerns research sponsored by You)! Moreover Your info will stay permanently in our section „Collaboration” with link to Your homepage!